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Black Melon 15ml

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Dive deep into the essence of summer with the succulence of Black Melon. Black Melon harbors the secrets of a captivating tan. Infused in our lotion, Melon Extract ensures your skin drinks in rich hydration, allowing it to tan beautifully and profoundly. Indulge in this luscious experience and let your skin showcase a sun-kissed radiance that’s as tempting as the fruit itself!


  • Intense Melon hydration
  • Walnut & coconut oil 
  • Vitamin c
  • Goldtone 33 Instant Bronzers
More Information
Brand Tahnee
Product type Body care, Lotion
Characteristics Accelerator, DHA-Bronzer, Dry skin
Delivery time at least 3 days (may differ by country)
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