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Going Darker Drops 30ml

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Going Darker Drops™

DHA Bronzing Drops “Control Your Color!”

Boost your color with Devoted Creations Going Darker Drops™!

You can add a little or a lot to your Devoted Creations lotion to take your color from now to WOW! For airbrush results without the wait, just tell them you are ‘Going Darker!

Product Specs

  • Lotion Additive Bronzing drops.
  • Highly Concentrated DHA Formula.
  • Color Control Formula.
  • Melanin Stimulators.
  • Banana Fruit Prime Enzymes
  • Acai Berry Antioxidants.
  • Pink Sugar Fragrance.

Product Actions: DHA Lotion Additive


  • Going Darker DHA Bronzing drops can be added to any lotion to increase the bronzing intensity.
  • Completely customizable by adding as many drops as desired to your Devoted Creations’ brand lotions or tan extenders.
  • Multiple melanin stimulators work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.
  • Added Banana Fruit Prime Enzymes provide anti-aging benefits, as well as ideal levels of moisture to help maintain dark bronzing results.
  • Acai Berry is utilized as a powerful antioxidant to fight free radical damage.
More Information
Brand Devoted Creations
Product type Body care
Characteristics Self Tanning, Natural Bronzer, DHA-Bronzer
Delivery time at least 3 days (may differ by country)
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