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Love Endlessly 250ml

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Cherish Every Layer! When you envelop your skin with Love ‘Your Skin’ Endlessly, you’re doing more than just moisturizing - you’re celebrating its natural beauty. Let every application be a tribute to your skin’s grace, ensuring it remains supple, radiant, and ever so touchable. Love ‘Your Skin’ Endlessly - because it’s not just skincare, it’s self-love. 


  • 24 hours super moisturizing 
  • aloE vera complex
  • CoQ10 Anti-aging 
  • UV rejuvenating complex™
More Information
Brand Peau d'Or
Product line Skincare
Product type Body care, Lotion
Characteristics Anti-aging, Dry skin
Delivery time at least 3 days (may differ by country)
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