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Red Velvet 15ml

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Let's be honest. Does your heart really settle for middle class? Does material stuff make you happy? Or do you long for something else? Do you feel that burning fire within? Red Velvet is a tribute to Moulin Rouge and the Bohemian lifestyle. Free, abundant, emotional and wild. Go travel! Go tan! Dare to wander and feel sexy along the way with Red Velvet!

  • Melanin Boost Complex
  • Satin Pure
  • Safer Tanning with UV Rejuvenating Complex
  • Natural Skincare and Premium Anti-Aging
More Information
Brand Peau d'Or
Product line Pure Elements
Product type Body care, Lotion
Characteristics Anti-aging, Firming, Accelerator, DHA-Bronzer
Delivery time at least 3 days (may differ by country)
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