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Rainbow Sample

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8 remarkable ingredients combined in one conditioning Face & Body Tanning Lotion. The Rainbow Lotion is the perfect partner for the Rainbow Light Bulbs.


Relaxing and Calming 

Ginseng root extracts calms and empowers the skin against environmental stressors. The Ginsenoside works as an enhancer for the other ingredients. Prickly Pear extracts soothes and calms the skin and increases its moisture levels while aiding in Anti-Aging from the numerous Antioxidants.


Skin-firming and Skin-renewing

Centrella Asiatica Leaf extracts, otherwise known as Tiger Grass, firms the contours and refines the skin. Hibiscus Flower extracts renew the skin through its AHA Fruit Acids which promote a vital, youthful appearance.


Revitalizing and Rejuvenating

Pomegranate extracts is rich in Antioxidants and prevents premature aging while keeping skincells vital. Ginkgo Biloba leaf extracts promote the bloodflow and protects the skin from premature aging and free radicals damage.

Calming and Conditioning

Sunflower Oils condition and soften the skin. Leopards Bane boosts the skins immunesystem and soothes.

Tan Accelerating

Acetyl-Tyrosins and Melanobronze boost the Melanin production for long lasting, dark-bronzed results. 


Meer informatie
Merk Art of Sun
Productlijn Rainbow
Product type Lichaamsverzorging, Lotion
Kenmerken Anti-Aging, Onzuiverheden, Verstevigende, Versneller
Levertijd 1-3 dagen
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