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Oudh Noir 250ml

Oudh Noir

Tanning Lotion - Exclusively Perfumed + Deep'N Dark Intensifier + Melanin Boost Complex + CoQ10 Anti-Aging + Aloe Vera & Satin Pur Complex + Paraben Free

One of the most exquisite perfumes in the world, oudh (pronounced "oodh") comes from a tree that is in itself very rare. But only when the tree is infected with a certain type of mould, over time, it is in the heart of the tree that one can find the extremely exclusive oudh wood. Composed for our most exclusive customers, Oudh Noir will give you that desired deep tan and that highly exclusive feel - for you sure are one of a kind.
Maggiori Informazioni
Marchio Peau d'Or
Linea di prodotto Pure Elements
Tipologia di prodotto Cura del corpo, Lozione
Caratteristiche Anti-età, Rassodante, Acceleratore, Pelle secca
Tempi di consegna 1-3 giorni
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